Opportunity v0.1.0 Schema

Introducing the job listing spec

We are introducing the first draft of the Opportunity schema specification today, available at opportunity-v0.1.0.json. You can always find the most current version of the spec, along with a changelog, on the main Opportunity page.

This is the other half of the Career Schema equation, and represents a standard for the “demand side” of the job market to rally around (if job seekers are the “supply side”).


There are currently two high-level keys in the opportunity schema: organization and positions.

organization contains information about the hiring entity (company, startup, nonprofit, etc.) such as name, locations, industry, as well as a dedicated block to identify the primary point of contact for coordinating inquiries.

The positions key is a list of open positions within the organization. Each element of positions contains information germane to the opening, such as the title, benefits, hours, specific details, and a lot more.


Now the hard part. Over the coming weeks we will be working diligently to refine these standards. Both the bio and opportunity standard are independent, and each (separately) adhere to Semantic Versioning 2.0 but they do represent two sides of a coin. For example, you’ll notice that enums contain the same allowable values (as in degree levels and kinds of credentials) and that corresponding elements SHOULD be compatible (for example, it should be straightforward to compare the skills in a bio to the required skills in an opportunity).